Sylvia Spotlights: Writing, Women, and the Big "What-ifs"

The Power of the Written Word at Work


Paradise. Growing up a Navy brat, Sylvia Mendoza lived in different versions of paradise like Hawaii, Guam, San Diego and—later in life—Puerto Rico. Through all those travels and more, she found peace at beaches and her passions took root. Her most constant source of entertainment was reading, writing in diaries, and learning about different cultures and the fine art of people watching.

The combo led her to write professionally, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Journalism along the way. Firmly believing that every person has a story to tell, writing profiles and features stories—-people stories—-became her passion.

It wasn’t enough. The creative muse—and writing groups—helped her find a delightful outlet writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and lyrics.
Now an award-winning journalist and author, Sylvia knows that writing articles inspires her, writing non-fiction educates her and writing women’s fiction frees her.

Her writing life has become another form of paradise. Even so, when she needs to get away from her computer and get the blood flowing again, running near beaches is her favorite stress release. Spin classes, salsa dancing, live music, and dreams of more traveling can also do the trick.


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