Sylvia Spotlights: Writing, Women, and the Big "What-ifs"

The Power of the Written Word at Work

Who in the World is Sylvia, Journalist?

By Sylvia Mendoza

Another assignment for our week 2 of Backpack Journalism is to do a short video, introducing ourselves in under 2 minutes. I worked on this for about 8 hours on my Windows Movie Maker–and struggled. I got this down to just under 4 minutes, going through tons of “footage”, trying to add music (did not succeed), and could not figure out how to transfer this to Adobe Premiere for a cleaner edit. I finally figured out how to get it into the right format–.wmv–and uploaded it to YouTube and now there’s no sound. Anyhow, for class purposes, here is my attempt for now. I will figure it out.

Update: May 30, 2012: Figured out the sound. Hear a little of my story…

 Journalist Sylvia Mendoza talks about her love of the written word and how she escapes from the daily desk job. Assignment for Jour 610–Backpack Journalism with Dr. Vidisha Priyanka–producing an intro video.

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